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New member of the family

January 28, 2009

Hong Kong being as beautiful as it is at this time of year, I can’t help but to put memories of the horrid trip here to rest, but only after I rant about it for awhile.

The flight took of at the scheduled time, which is apparently a miracle for an Air Asia flight according to reliable sources i.e friends and family. However that was the only thing that impressed me about the flight. After boarding the plane and finding a seat(like taking a bus! no assigned seats) I quickly came to realize that I had less personal space than a prison inmate would. Okay, forget personal space, I did not even have space to stick my feet anywhere. There was someones luggage under my seat, there was luggage under the seat in front of me, and the air was thick with a sense of awkwardness amongst the many passengers.

Soon after take-off, the adolescent seated behind me decided that he was bored and that knocking my seat repeatedly would help alleviate the boredom. It seemed to work because he only did it once every 5 or 6 minutes before lapsing into what I assume must have been a state of proud satisfaction. My guess is his parents must have wanted him to enjoy the flight so they loaded him up with cans of cokes and plenty of sweets and sugary edible-ities, so much so neither of us managed a wink of sleep. As such I found myself staring longingly out my little peephole into the clouds and the sky outside, and the lush green forest down below. Suddenly, at 31000 feet, somewhere over the South China Sea, I was mauled by a mighty revelation, that I need to go skydiving sometime in the very near future. It had nothing to do with the child behind me.

My pre-booked meal, which turned out to be fried rice, even though I ordered Nasi Lemak, smelled like feet for the most part, partly because that is when the sleepy chap sitting next to me decided his journey would not be perfect if his shoes and socks remained on his feet. I didn’t see him eat anything on the plane but he did seem to be burping an awful lot.

At some point I must have probably passed out from the pain shooting up my back, or the cramping of both my feet, but before I knew it the plane was descending towards a pitch black horizon and the Captain, one Paul Young, announced that we made good time and would be landing shortly, 20 minutes ahead of schedule. I nearly began clapping.

Oh and the little sweet-thing that sat behind me? I saw him sleeping soundly on his fathers shoulder as they collected their baggage.