Experiencing an English class in my university

February 26, 2010

China, producer of an extremely potent alcohol that combines all the powers of dog, bull and rat balls for less than 5 ringgit a Kilo, is now able to boast that it has now trained nearly 300, 000, 000 English speakers which also means that there are more English speakers in China than in the US. Essentially anyone who has slept through an English class and can say “Hallooo Hallooo Hallooo” repeatedly is qualified.

It should be known that there is a Huge difference between learning Mandarin in China and learning English in China.

A typical Mandarin lesson

A typical English class

I’ve only been invited to attend seven or eight classes so far, most of which I just sat around and hated myself for not having anything better to do. A typical class in my university:
1. Lecturer enters lecture hall/class, everyone stands, “GOODA MONING TEACHA!”
2. Lecturer reads an entire textbook while the class sleeps.
3. Random student is asked a question, reads the answer from the book, and the sleeping continues.
4. Lecturer ends class by telling everyone they are lazy and worthless, answers for end of semester exams are practically handed out to be “studied”, and assignments are handed out.
5. Attractive female students approach English speaking foreign friend to complete entire task for them.
6. Everyone else either fails or can’t be bothered with assignments. Not when there is basketball to be played.

Future business tycoon or factory slave


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